Alright, Survivors. In the wake of our second write-off we still have two new players, three women, three editors, one published author, one mermaid, a couple of former winners and many more players only in their second or third game.

I know what you’re thinking at this point of the game, and after that list: did he just say there was a mermaid playing? I know what else you’re thinking: is it time for the merge?

Nope, it’s not. We can’t be far off, for sure, but it doesn’t happen here.

Remember, your due date is Thursday the 24th at 1pm Central and you get…sigh…1500 words. It’s about a group of characters working toward a common goal, though one is secretly working against the goal.

This should hopefully be the last time I have to pitch a challenge days in advance. Also, you can be near damn certain that results won’t be up on Thursday, because besides the obvious word count thing, it’s not the best day for me (Friday should be great, but this particular Thursday is much better for DK).

By the 26th, we’ll get together again, eliminate someone, and maybe merge or maybe not. Cheers, Survivors.