So, the Walruses are here for the second time in three challenges after a good long streak of invincibility. This one didn’t feel obvious from the outside. Let’s see if the voters felt the same way.

Vote One: Brooks Maki.

Vote Two: Colin Woolston. “Look, you got 5 medal points while everyone else got 1 or 0 in the last challenge. We need our team to all be on the same page.”

Vote Three: Brooks Maki. “Brooks you’re my favorite person on the site, and a great writer. So… Sorry.”

Vote Four: Brooks Maki. “”I believe you will be most pleased with tonight’s meal.”

Master usually slobbered over his food, but tonight he took his time, savoring each bite.

“This one is called a Maki. One of a kind. Quite possibly the best game around.”

Master grunted with approval. Swingtack had done well tonight.”

Vote Five: Colin Woolston.

Vote Six: Colin Woolston. “This was a hard vote for many reasons.”

Good Lord. That’s three write-offs in the span of five challenges.

Colin and Brooks, please write a story with a max count of 400 by tomorrow night (Sunday) at 8pm Central about a merge of some kind. Then we’ll judge you, DK will curse everyone for forcing another one of these, and we’ll…you know…merge.

Now I’m going to go ahead and copy the post that was supposed to be here when I thought someone was getting eliminated, so you all know what the next challenge will entail.

Sixteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XV: (Oops, I don’t need this part anymore)

Damn, it must be tough to be the last elimination before the merge. If it makes you feel better, Jason Harber did it three different times…poor bastard.

So, yeah, you’re merged. Twelve is such a nice, round number. Congratulations to all four teams for sending at least two representatives to the merge. Also, sincere congratulations to every one of you for making it. This game has had two total nonsubs and as a result, nobody’s had an easy road to get here.

Is the merge good news for you? Is it bad news? At any rate, it’s news, and I expect to see a flurry of email forwards as a result (remember, folks, I love forwards because they make the game more fun to follow. My loyal band of viewers has been very entertained thus far.

The first post-merge challenge is called Best Served Cold.

You will be teaming with someone to perform this challenge. You’ll even get to choose who it is, possibly. Send in a list of the top five people with whom you’d like to pair (in order of preference; since Colin and Brooks are both in the write-off you can add them to your list and still be paired with them, should they survive), and I will attempt to work it out for everyone. If two people have each other on the top of their list, they will definitely be paired together. Furthermore, if this happens, I will immediately tell the pair that they’re together and that they can start working. If you don’t have your list to me by Sunday night at 9pm Central I’ll fill out the rest of the field randomly and send the pairings to you shortly after. Obviously, this means I’ll know who’s paired, but I’ll still be reading the stories anonymously (we’re only a few weeks from the point where I know who’s writing all the stories anyway).

The two of you will determine which of you writes part one, and which writes part two.

Part two, as you probably guessed from the title, is a revenge story. Part one is the initial slight that warrants the revenge story. Also, perhaps obvious from the title, a long time has passed between the stories – years, decades, even centuries if you can make it work.

The two halves will be judged separately, with one gold, silver and bronze for each side. The top two performers on each side will win immunity, and this will be the only time that four immunities are granted for the rest of the game unless something goofy happens. Ties will be broken by number of golds, and then silvers. If a tie still exists then gamelong medal points will be the tiebreaker.

Stories will be due Thursday night at 8pm Central and each person (not pair) has 700 words to play with.

Notes for veterans with questions:

A) I’m sure I said it when the game started, but there are no Immunity Idols in this game.
B) Nonsubs will be voted out automatically. If there’s just one, there will be no vote. If there are multiple, then only they will be up for voting. In either case, both the judges and immunity winners will curse you for all the pointless work they did.

Alright, twelve li’l mergers – celebratory ass-slaps all around. Have a good game in there. Cheers.