Hey, Gang. We’ve just merged but are too long from the deadline, so I’m antsy for activity. So, I’m going to bug you all with a commercial for what’s next.

Survivor XVI will directly follow this game and will be another anonymous strategy game. I had leaned toward making it non-anonymous but a few twists (cursed Immunity Idols!) have made that seem like a bad idea. The game is almost completely “done” already. Matthew Gilman will be supplying a few challenges, so get your brains engaged now, fair Survivors.

The Gauntlet (or something with a different name; I’m not married to this yet) will be after that. One of the many Colin Ws at the site told me about how “Last Comic Standing” works and I’m bringing it to an all-new game. Everyone will be in one “tribe,” to put it in Survivor terms. The first thing I’ll do is announce a challenge, and all of you will vote for someone to have to do the challenge. The person “voted out” will then challenge one person among those who voted for him to face in the challenge. The challenge loser is eliminated and we move merrily along to the next cycle. You could get to the end without doing a single challenge. That would be something.

As you were, Survivors. Keep playing a gripping game, if you would.