Okay, Survivors. One more person has to fall out of the top ten; who is it?

Vote One: Colin Woolston.

Vote Two: Colin Woolston.

Vote Three: Colin Woolston.

Vote Four: Colin Woolston.

Vote Five: Colin Woolston.

Vote Six: Colin Woolston. “Sad Town.”

Vote Seven: Colin Woolston. “Colin made me do it.”

Vote Eight: Colin Woolston. “You did us proud, Walrus.”

Vote Nine: Colin Woolston. “Ask and you shall receive.”

Vote Ten: Colin Woolston. “Thank you for making this one easy. Enjoy your trip through the wilderness!”

Vote Eleven: Colin Woolston. “I thought I already voted one of these out.”

Eighteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XV: Colin Woolston

…okay. Quitting is uncool, especially when you just outlasted someone on a write-off. On the other hand, whatever. Let’s keep going. I’m just glad I didn’t have a lot of words riding on a challenge where someone asked for his own elimination.

The next challenge, the Shakespearean Sonnet, is due Thursday at 8pm Central. As short as they’ll be, results will be late as my reward for being one of the top salesmen in the district is to only work nights when people are spending money. Oh well. There’s no official word limit as they’ll all be short if you do what you’re supposed to do. If you don’t know what you’re supposed to do, then by all means, ask me.

Congratulations on the top ten. I still don’t know where the hell this is headed, and it excites me. Cheers, Survivors.