First things first: if you haven’t bought my game yet, do it. I’ll give you a hug…or “whatever”…later. Here’s the link. With almost forty sales, I’m already in a pretty high percentile for self-published games, though I’m looking for a real career here so the work is never done.

Should I get to the elimination? I should get to the elimination.

Vote One: Roman Feeser.

Vote Two: Roman Feeser.

Vote Three: Erik S.

Vote Four: Erik S. “But I will hold my head up high no matter what happens.”

Vote Five: Roman Feeser. “I’d make a Fall, Caesar joke, but I’m sure someone else will do a far better version and then I’d just feel stupid.”

Vote Six: Roman Feeser. “Sorry to see you go.”

Vote Seven: Roman Feeser. “Blame Rusty.”

Vote Eight: Roman Feeser. “Alas, I still think I could have loved him.”

Vote Nine: Roman Feeser. “As Fall, Caesar comes in, a Roman goes out.”

Twentieth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XV: Roman Feeser

Roman becomes the first member of the jury. I’ll get a jury room together when there are two members and therefore a reason for a jury.

There are two silver linings: one, he was eliminated on the day I released my game based on ancient Rome, which is frankly a fantastic tie-in. Two, with the game released and Roman out, we both have more time for a web series that he contacted me about that is very, very funny.

Alright, final eight. Doesn’t that seem like a low number? Your next challenge is to write a scene based in ancient Rome. Self-serving? Sure! But obviously, I rather like this backdrop, so it’s impressive that I waited fifteen seasons to run a challenge there (if you don’t count the “Fall, Caesar” challenge from strategic seasons…but I digress). I’m not going to drop an exact timeline on this, nor will I force you to write about real people we know from history, though you certainly can.

You get 1000 words again and it’ll be due Sunday at 7pm Central. I work much later than that and results will go up at an ungodly hour, so don’t wait up. There will be two immunities, barring ties.

Cheers, Survivors.