Alright, CdLites. With Fall, Caesar released and just eight people left in Survivor, I can get back to what really matters. Uh, Survivor.

The next one is an anonymous strategy game. Don’t worry, though: I’m running it, so it’s unlikely to take 166 days. Many of you have already more or less signed up, but you’re now able to snatch your desired alias from this list. Give me your five or more top choices, in order, and I’ll let you know what you got and will update the list periodically, pulling the names already chosen.

Email me, obviously; don’t post your plans to play nor your desired name here.

Like the writing season I’m currently running, my aim was to have a slate of nearly all new challenges, and I’m pretty excited about that (though about five favorites are returning). I won’t be capping the number of players, at least not initially, but I also know how fatigue can set in if ten people are out and nobody can see the end anywhere near. On the other hand, I’m constantly told that there’s no need to rush eliminations, so whatever.

As for the fact that some of you want an “open” strategy game, I think we’ll be doing The Gauntlet under our real names.

As for Diplochat…sigh. I loved it. Loved it. It’s easy to follow the game and the game mechanics that I have in mind for twists (like CURSED IMMUNITY IDOLS!!!!) work better with Diplochat in play. However, a lot of people were overwhelmed by it, and if enough people are against it, then hey…what is this site if not an attempt at fun? I’ll just scrap it if that’s the popular opinion. However, if I do this, I’ll be insistent upon people copying me in on things.

Names after the jump.

Fruity the Bishop-Slapping Orange

Freshy Lipswiggles

Hormonal Gopherbubbles

Damian Henceforth

Slap Crappity

Horny O’Friendship


Dickus Minimus

Funyuns Unite

The Wrong Way to Eat a Reese’s

Horseradish Threat

Handles & Sassage

Lenny Softbatch

Billy Roid Rage

Harlan Killings

Indignant Jenna Justice

Marcelene Potatohead

Players: 24