Read quickly, fair Survivors, because your next one is due in just two days.  The good news: you don’t get many words to work with!  Wait, is that good?  I suppose that’s up to you.

Vote One: Rusty Greene.  “I’m happy and sad to do this.  Mostly the former.”

Vote Two: Erik S.

Vote Three: Rusty Greene.  “Good game, man.”

Vote Four: Rusty Greene.  “I vote for Rusty, if anyone can pry him out of that hole he’s been hiding in without getting bitten or worse. Hell of a good game, man.”

Vote Five: Rusty Greene. “Because you could win, even if you say you wouldn’t.”

Vote Six: Rusty Greene. “I will miss your incredible stories and crazy comments! You wrote and played from the heart.”

Vote Seven: Rusty Greene. “My vote is reluctantly for Rusty, which is hysterical, considering our history. I really liked him, then I despised him, then I sort of liked him again and now I am really sad to see him go. I think he made all of us better writers; I know I deliberated on every word in an effort to unseat him from his immunity throne. Hopefully, he will now have the free time to do some much needed housework.”

Vote Eight: Rusty Greene. “You are the most interesting player in the game, and a great writer. You may yet make it through this vote, and a part of me kind of hopes that happens. But the other part of me wants to win the game, so there you go.”

It’s a rare thing to see this many reverential votes. Brooks once said “The thing about eliminating Rusty is that you have to work to eliminate him nonstop for about a month.” Rusty is wildly open about his plans, bizarrely cutthroat in some of his emails and, by all accounts, perhaps the most nurturing and encouraging teammate a writer can have. He brings an element unlike any other to this game, and it’s never fun to see him go, even if he’s…you know, gone off the deep end.

Twenty-First Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XV: Rusty Greene

That’s a few seasons in a row where no former winners have reached the final seven. New name on the sidebar, baby!

Okay, so seven of you have voted together to eliminate three people in a row. Do you know what that means?!?!?! It means whoever goes in the next couple of spots gets to say “Shit, I shouldn’t have done that.”

The next challenge is called The Stinger and you have just two nights to get it in by Wednesday at 8pm Central. It was either two days or about six or seven, thanks to this scheduling issue or that.

For this one, you’re writing the end of a horror story. The seemingly invincible and unstoppable menace has just been dispatched (ahem…) and this is the last scene. The survivors are celebrating, or catching their breaths, or whatever. This is a horror story, though, so there’s a stinger. Something big happens to either pay off the bloodlust of the audience or set up the next story.

You have 500 words to write this finisher. Get at it, lovelies.

Cheers, Survivors.