Well, Survivors, have you had your fill of unanimous votes? I guess it’s time to find out. It’s such a strange thing to see at the end of a Survivor game, frankly, though I suppose everything will become clear to the victims once the game is over and players explain themselves.

At any rate, let’s see who’s surprised to be out tonight.

Vote One: Annette Barron. “Purely self-defense.”

Vote Two: Margaret Martin. “My vote is for Margaret; much as it pains me.”

Vote Three: Margaret Martin. “Ugh”

Vote Four: Margaret Martin. “You are a great teammate and a great writer! Enjoy that gallon of tequila!”

Vote Five: Margaret Martin. “This isn’t easy, but I guess it’s come to this. You’re a fine writer, and I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff all season long. I won’t soon forget that clown story . . . “

Vote Six: Margaret Martin. “Anyone else notice that we’re running out of people to vote for?”

Oh, you! At any rate:

Twenty-third Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XV: Margaret Martin

Oh, snap, should I be doing winner nicknames? Well, I’ll have to think of some. Anyway, Margaret has for the second time in a row found herself just slightly on the outside of things, looking in, shortly before the end of the game. Time to find that killer instinct, Marge! Can I call you Marge? No? Well, it won’t come up anymore anyway what with you being out and all.

The five of you who remain will be faced with a challenge called In the Trunk. It’s due Saturday at 2pm Central. Sorry for that weird time slot, but that’s how it’s gotta be with my travel plans and everything. I’ll judge ASAP, get the post together when I can and leave time to prepare to leave early the next morning.

Oh, the challenge? Yeah, I suppose I can tell you what it’s about. One character is hiding something from another character or characters. This is not emotional or metaphorical. There is some tangible, physical thing that the (lead?) character is keeping hidden for whatever reason. It can be discovered here, if you please, but it doesn’t have to be. The word limit is 2000.

Then there are just two more challenges, fair Survivors, the first of which I’ll have to shoehorn in somewhere while in Minnesota. Hmm…

Cheers, Survivors.