Alright, Survivors. It’s time to break the trend of someone getting one vote while someone else gets all the others. Did you have surprises in you, or at the very least, intrigue? I sure as hell hope so, because as usual, I’m cranky after a travel day.

Vote One: Jack Haas.

Vote Two: Jack Haas. “I got nothin here…”

Vote Three: Christina Pepper. “Got to try something.”

Vote Four: Christina Pepper. “*Sigh* Pepper; but I am going to require therapy after this game.​”

Vote Five: Jack Haas. “It’s not you, it’s just that I hope it’s not me.”

Yeah, I thought I was getting…something else here. Without saying too much, I’m surprised for the first time in a while.

Twenty-Fourth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XV: Jack Haas

Jack’s game seemed to be woefully underestimated by the jury so far. Believe me, jurors, Jack outplayed the hell out of you. Anyway, it’s always fun to see a new player that’s already a gamer. Plus, this was the only new player we had left, and it’s always a bummer when we lose the last one.

So, Brooks Maki sent me this as a challenge prompt a while ago, and I kept it in my back pocket:

I was reading a review of a pamphlet on the future of robotics and it included this sample, talking about how robots are going to be fundamentally different from us.

“A robot moving down the street will see in all directions, not simply in front of it like humans. If that robot is connected to a network of video cameras along the street, it will see everywhere on the street, from all angles, the entire time it walks. Imagine this scenario. A not-very-clever robot walking down the street will have access to entire synthesized views of the street—up and down, behind you, down the alley, around the corner—and be able to scroll back through time with perfect fidelity. As you approach this robot, it might be cognitively much dumber than you, but it knows far more about its surroundings than you do. It stops suddenly. What do you do? There is no common ground established between you and this robot, just the fact that you occupy the same sidewalk.”

So there you go. That’s the prompt – this scenario. I realize it seems like you have to write it from the first person, but don’t get hung up on that. Tell the story in whatever manner suits it best. This might be hard as hell, but as always, it’s your own fault for getting this far. They’re due Thursday night at 9pm Central and the word limit is none.

Cheers, Survivors.