Alright, gang, I got here a bit earlier than I thought I would. You’re welcome!

There was some good fun to be had with this one. Time to see which plan won out.

Vote One: Annette Barron. “Annette the Barron Krauss von Espy”

Vote Two: Erik S.

Vote Three: Annette Barron. “You’re a damn fine player and a most excellent ally-turned-adversary. Not to mention the fact that you’ve written some fantastic stories this season. Trying to outwrite you has unquestionably made me a better writer. And I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one who’s going to require therapy after this game!”

Vote Four: Annette Barron. “I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what your original plans were and all the moves you made throughout the game- you seemed to have quite the web of intrigue going. Hell of a game, nettebarr”

Twenty-Fifth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XV: Annette Barron

Jeez, players, just get a room already.

Seriously, though. I tend to soften on some of my immediate reactions, but all the same, my immediate reaction is that Annette played one of the best non-winning games we’ve seen in a hell of a long time. She comes up just one spot short of the finals, and will have to regroup for the next one.

Your final challenge comes courtesy of Brooks Maki, according to tradition. I had one I sort of like, but I’m going to save it for when there are more of you left in a game. Plus…well, the whole Brooks tradition. And as a bonus to you, it’s not half as difficult(-sounding) as the last challenge!

In this one, the story surrounds a room that has a doorframe with 34 notches in it. That’s everything. From there your options are pretty wide open. There’s no word limit on this and it’s due Wednesday night at 8pm Central.

Well done, finalists. Strong finish now.