Get excited, players! I’m here to whet your appetites with the teams revealed. Of course, one of the people on each team is the Emissary, so after the first challenge, there will be a trade and they’ll go back to their real teams.

Andy Rustleund will be getting Diplochat ready soon for our communication purposes and the first challenge will go up soon. In the meantime, get an email address ready if you haven’t, as you’ll probably need one when the second challenge comes around. Or you could just plan to get eliminated first and it’ll work itself out.

Teams will be named officially (by you, as always) once the game starts.

Emissaries: I’ll be emailing you after this post to let you know in advance what your “impediment” will be.


Arrogant Fur Porter
Brian Bumbershaft, Theoretical Mack
Brock Hardcastle
Crusty Knuckles
Francis Undergarments
Friar Funk
Groovy Loaf
Gropin’ the Wind
History’s Greatest Meatloaf
Jerky Smuggler
A Shrubbery
Spacegirl Lucinda Wright


The Claw
Cleansed Robotics
Farthington von Landingham III
A Greased Scotsman
Have at it, Gang
Horatio Goatblower
Horny O’Friendship
Millicent Gloom
Radical Cabbage
The Rhyming Couplet Kid
Thumbtack, Jr.
Unlimited Breadsticks

There you have it, gang. The fourth-place person in season XV will be revealed tonight, and the final challenge of that season will begin. We’re close now, and I’ll email you again when it’s time. If you’re new – and holy crap, a lot of you are – I urge you to subscribe to the site (this can be done via the sidebar) so you don’t miss game posts. Edit: I just had to reorder one team because I messed up the alphabet. It’s my preseason too, gang!

Cheers, Survivors.