When I sent Andy the login credentials for Diplochat, somehow I worked off of the wrong list and put the Emissaries on their actual teams. Since I’d already shown you the fake teams earlier, this makes it obvious who our Emissaries are. Only one person had admitted to noticing this so far, but one is entirely too many, so there it is.

I like Emissary as an idea and I may be able to salvage this, so long as we choose new Emissaries and I come up with a different speech impediment for them.

So here’s the deal: I am asking for volunteers to be the new Emissaries. The first volunteer on each team will be an Emissary, which effectively makes his current team his fake team. Since minimal pleasantries have happened on team one and none have happened yet on team two, you wouldn’t be risking anything yet. As for the previous Emissaries – Groovy Loaf and The Rhyming Couplet Kid – there will be a specific job for you in this challenge, since you lost out on your intended job. I’ll also make up for it with a backrub the next time I see each of you. And hey, you know, if the backrub leads anywhere, everyone wins.

If you want to be the Emissary, email me. This challenge will start…oh, let’s say probably next Monday, and if I don’t have Emissaries by then I’ll have to scrap it (or use random.org). If you have questions, by God, ask them. I’m not going to Novak this thing and make fun of you for asking. I’m the happy mod!!!

In the meantime, I’ll come up with a new impediment for the new Emissaries. In the meantime, you’re all still free to gab on the Diplochat website. If anyone needs pointers on how it works, email me.

Cheers, Survivors. Let this be the only mistake of the season, outside of the many that players will make. Aw, snap!