Hey, I could do this from work!

Here are your results.

Team *Maniacal Laughter* managed three kills! That’s pretty exciting, yeah?

Team Enthusiastic Sexual Violins managed three as well, though, so it’s a wash.

To the 18 remaining folks: have a move for me by tomorrow at 9pm Central and remember that you’re all required to send your own. All moves happen at once, so a villager can intentionally move into a Sasquatch’s line of sight if he believes the Sasquatch will move elsewhere.

I have to get closing this store, but if you have questions, send them my way.

Edit: Corpses are just shown so players can see how it happened. These are not “blocked” spaces and living players may use them. I’ll remove the corpses upon the next turn’s results.


Six more deaths! One nonsub on each team. The Violins killed one of their enemies. Laughter killed two enemies, but one friend to tie it at five villagers each. Snap!