Here we are, Survivors. Who’s up for an exciting elimination?! Well, you can safely ignore this one, which is the opposite of that. But hey, the challenge is here too!

Vote One: Friar Funk. (his own)

Vote Two: Friar Funk.

Vote Three: Friar Funk.

Vote Four: Friar Funk.

Vote Five: Friar Funk. “Friar Fuck. Non-subs make it easy.”

Vote Six: Friar Funk.

Vote Seven: Friar Funk. “The Friar is Funked.”

Vote Eight: Friar Funk. “It’s important to learn something new every day:
“Get the Funk Out” (in addition to being my vote) is the second single from Extreme’s second studio album Pornograffitti.
Also, there is apparently a music genre called Funk Metal. Turns out I’m not a fan.”

Vote Nine: Friar Funk. “I vote to eliminate Friar Funk because… No talkie talkie. No submitty.”

Vote Ten: Friar Funk. “It was an easy decision since he never even seemed to be playing.”

Vote Eleven: Friar Funk. “Non-subs stink like a spotted skunk.
I therefore vote for Friar Funk.”

Vote Twelve: Arrogant Fur Porter. “You’re too much like a Novak.”

Hee hee!

First Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVI: Brandon “Friar Funk” Keel

Veterans, sorry you can’t get excited about this name, what with you never having heard it. Arizonans, this is the aggressive SolarCity guy in our store with the thick beard. Whoever he is, he sure did seem ready and rarin’ to play this game, but he was overwhelmed by it and froze up, or something. Good thing you don’t have anyone like that, Laughter, am I right???

I was really looking forward to the Friar Funk character, but he never got off the ground.

To the twenty-three of you who aren’t Brandon, it’s time for a new one. This one comes courtesy of Matthew Gilman, although it’s not as hard as some of those he’s done on Cutthroat Junction (you’re welcome).

MILKMAN: I’d also like a snappy name for this. I’m good at those, but so are you, and this is your challenge, so if you have something go for it.

GILMAN: The first title I had for this was The Acronomicron. It feels like a cheat since there aren’t any acronyms here, just initials. But it’s catchy, you can’t deny that.

MILKMAN: The best thing is, that I can use that title while also using that quote, and it’ll be right in line with the kind of tomfoolery expected from me as a mod.

GILMAN: Perfecto!

Here’s the spreadsheet.

It should be easy enough to know what to do from there, but as a team your task is to fill this out. Each category will be worth two points and each answer is worth three. Fill them out in the longer line so I can easily score them when time’s up Tuesday night at 9pm Central.

One person on each team, copy the spreadsheet for your own tribe, and copy me in so I’ll be able to see how you did when it’s over (I’ll probably pop in a few times before that, too).

In case anyone can’t open it from wherever they are right now, you have ten categories (the first eight Gilman’s, the last two mine) with six items in each. The items are given by their initials, and you’re to figure out what those initials stand for, as well as provide the category. With eleven (active) people per team, will you all get all of these? Possibly. In this case, I will have a time-sensitive tiebreaker set up. Hopefully we’ve worked in some tough ones, though.

Go for it, Survivors.