Tonight’s post will go up promptly at 9pm Central if neither team makes any more headway. If it doesn’t go up right at that time, you can be pretty sure that a team pulled ahead and won (or that I fell asleep. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen).

I can tell you right now, tribes, that everything on your lists are right, outside of that one pesky category.

If the post goes up at 9 announcing the tie, I will include a clue as to the answers of category 10. I’ll then add a clue every 10 minutes or so (on the post, not via email) until we have a finish. If this tiebreaker comes to pass, I need the category and six answers all emailed to me. Partial just won’t cut it. The first team to email me everything correctly will win.

In the case that you both get the category before that and tie, then I’ll think of a new tiebreaker.

In the unlikely case that I give you all my clues and neither team gets it within two hours, both teams will eliminate a player. I know, I’m not a fan either, so just win the challenge.

(I’ll admit I’d like to avoid this whole business altogether, so if you win in regulation, I’ll be grateful)

Cheers, Survivors. And if you think I’m cruel now, wait until the next challenge goes up!