Good game, guys (though I admit I was fatigued by the end, like some of you; I agree that a live version of the game is probably the way to go). It was kind of a lot of work to get rid of someone who just wasn’t present, but that’s gonna happen in the early part of the game.

So let’s get this foregone conclusion out of the way and play on, eh? I’ve got another new game for you, and admittedly it could take time, but there’s a max number of moves and that should help.

Vote One: A Greased Scotsman.

Vote Two: A Greased Scotsman.

Vote Three: A Greased Scotsman.

Vote Four: A Greased Scotsman. “bob.clean(‘A Greased Scotsman’)”

Vote Five: A Greased Scotsman.

Vote Six: A Greased Scotsman.

Vote Seven: A Greased Scotsman.

Vote Eight: A Greased Scotsman. “Insert “Braveheart” joke here.”

Vote Nine: A Greased Scotsman. “My vote is that you toss out the Scot, if you can get a hold of him.”

Vote Ten: A Greased Scotsman. “Scotsman. I’d hoped to bring him all the way to the merge, because hilarious, but I suppose that was a long shot.”

Vote Eleven: A Greased Scotsman. “I liked the idea of him. In fact I might have taken that name had it been free. Huh, I wonder if that’s where he was. Fighting for Scottish freedom. Probably not but it is a better excuse than “I just didn’t show up”.”

Vote Twelve: A Greased Scotsman. “Scotsman, ewe would do it too if it happened to ewe.”

Third Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVI: Scott “A Greased Scotsman” Stearley

This should be a good laugh for a few of the Spookymilk Survivor historians, who know that Stearley played one season and didn’t show up, was eliminated and then didn’t realize the game had started for eight months (he’d changed his email between joining and the game, or something). This time, I went to him asking if he wanted to make up for it, four years later. He enthusiastically accepted, made a few early comments, and then a day into the first challenge said “I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing.”

I gave him every opportunity to ask me specific questions, and offered a point-by-point analysis of how a single challenge goes, but he remained convinced he was surrounded by longtime players who were already geniuses of the game. He was actually surrounded by a lot of first-timers, but as for the geniuses thing, I guess it’s on you to prove him right.

Here’s the spreadsheet for the new one. I had planned to call it “Kilimanjaro,” but since you’re all thoroughly blazed after the last challenge, it’s safer for you to be out and about in Washington state, so you’re climbing the beautiful Mount Rainier instead.

Your goal is to get someone from your team to the top of the mountain before the other team does. What’s at the top of the mountain? Goats? Polar bears? Treasure? Well, probably just the glory of winning, but I guess the one who reaches the top will have to let us know. On the first turn, three people move (these people must send in their own moves). One will ascend three spaces, one will ascend two and one will ascend one. These moves are due tomorrow night at 9pm Central.

On each subsequent turn, your team gets five moves: the aforementioned 3, 2, 1 ascensions as well as a pair of blocks (each sent in by a single player). The blocks are spent on specific people on the opposite side, and if they attempt to ascend on that turn, they won’t go anywhere.

At random, Millicent Gloom was picked to sit this one out, though she may help with strategic ideas.


This one could take a while. Or maybe it won’t. Since it might, though, I decided to max it out at ten turns and if we reach that, the team with the highest individual will win Immunity. The due time will always be “tomorrow night at 9pm Central,” so if you all get a move together, I’ll update as soon as possible in the hopes that you can do more than one a day.

After this, I’m running one (or maybe a few in a row) with a fixed endpoint to make sure it doesn’t go too long.


There will be no solo nonsubs. If someone is asked by their tribe to do something but never shows up, I’m sure the tribe will know what to do with them. If it gets to the deadline and your tribe has not sent a full slate of moves, then you roll short with whatever you sent in that day.


If more than one person on a team attempts to do the same move, the first one only will go through. Ditto for the first two blocks a team makes. If your move fails, I’ll let you know so you can do something else (or nothing, I guess).


If both sides reach the top at the same time, here’s how it’ll go:
Number of players who reached the top. If three players reach at once, then the team with more reaching the top has won.

Height. If one of the teams had person go higher while winning, then they break the tie. That is, if they sent a person to a hypothetical tenth space upward while the other team only reached the ninth.

The total number of spaces ascended by the entire team.

If we’re still tied after all that, we’ll go with the next person to reach the top.

That should be everything, but if you’re confused, let me know and I’ll tell you to read the rules in full rather than skimming them this time. Then if you’re still confused, I can answer any questions you have.

After each turn, I’ll update the spreadsheet but won’t berate you with emails. If you see that it’s updated, let your team know and get to work on the next turn. Alright, get your first move done (while keeping in mind that you have no blocks on that one). Cheers, Survivors.