Hey, here they are.

There was even a side game, which is also done. But it’s all secret!!! WOOOOOOO

*Maniacal Laughter*, you have until tomorrow night (Monday) at 9pm Central to vote someone out. Since this is the first vote for some of you, let’s run through things:

*Nonsubs will vote for themselves. Since this challenge had none because of the way I ran it, that won’t happen.
*You can change your vote if you want, but once all the votes are in, they’re set.
*If you fail to vote, you will automatically vote for yourself.

Alright. New challenge tomorrow night – be ready, as several of you will move every day. It doesn’t have to be a long one, but part of that will hinge on whether or not you can get multiple moves done in a day.

Cheers, Survivors.