New Survivor Players: I have another site, Cutthroat Junction, where I run one-off challenges, unrelated to Spookymilk Survivor (but most of which will run there eventually, if they work) and October’s game is The Spread, one of my most popular games. n00bs and others, if you want in, let me know.

At Cutthroat Junction, you get points for each finish and eventually, high scorers get a shot at the Cutthroat Junction Championship Title, currently held by Peter “nibbish” Bruzek.


Here it is, folks: the most popular game on the CJ slate. Sign up here. It won’t be run in Spookymilk Survivor this time around, so if you need a fix, this is where you’ll get it.

Most of you should know this, but here’s how it works:

Everyone starts at zero points. On each turn, you will have a total of twenty points to add or subtract to people other than yourself (with a max of five per person, until later in the game). At the end of each turn, the person furthest away from zero will be eliminated. At the beginning of each subsequent turn, players keep their current point totals.

Huh, I’d forgotten how easy this was to explain. Maybe that’s one reason for its popularity? Anyway, sign up, CJ Faithful.