I don’t have a ton of time to write this, so:

Vote One: The Rhyming Couplet Kid. “Don’t forget about this guy too or else he will run all over you”

Vote Two: History’s Greatest Meatloaf. “I vote for Groovy. Gotta beat that oaf!

Wait. What? Oh, right. I meant Meatloaf.”

Vote Three: History’s Greatest Meatloaf.

Vote Four: History’s Greatest Meatloaf.

Vote Five: History’s Greatest Meatloaf.

Vote Six: History’s Greatest Meatloaf.

Vote Seven: History’s Greatest Meatloaf. “For Meatloaf, because he wasn’t around much the last 2 challenges and… Double blocks are so useful.”

Vote Eight: History’s Greatest Meatloaf. “Mama’s Meatloaf is always better.”

Vote Nine: History’s Greatest Meatloaf. “Walks will haunt. Also errors.”

Vote Ten: History’s Greatest Meatloaf. “History’s Greatest Meatloaf is a bit too dry for my taste. It’s no longer welcome on our dinner table. Get this vile beef out of my sight!”

Fourth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVI: Michael “History’s Greatest Meatloaf” Rivet

Another veteran goes in a game that doesn’t have a whole lot of them. He admits he didn’t have the focus at this time of year for a game, but took a shot anyway, and that double-up was a killer. *Maniacal Laughter* doesn’t know just how big it was – he was supposed to block Horny, who moved up three that time.

Can it really be possible that none of you searched the corpse of the “fat-pocketed” billionaire at the apex of Mount Rainier? I guess it can. Well, I guess I’ll have to hide that Idol somewhere else. Also, if you didn’t claim a goat, you no longer can. That’s right, kiddos, that crap is game-related.

I waffled for a while on what challenge to run here. I decided to save Gilman’s next one for the next challenge, as the first few days of the work week are usually the best time for me to update turn-based challenges.

This one is called Red Rover. It’s all the excitement of Matt Novak’s best challenge without forcing you to talk to him! AW SNAP

You will be lining up nine people from your team in an order of your choosing, and you have 55 strength points to disperse among them. On each turn, you will send one of your players to try to break a link between two on the other tribe. You will not know how the other tribe attributed their strength points.

If your attacker is worth 18 points and the link he attacks is between players with 10 and 6, he breaks the link. If it’s between players with 10 and 10, he will be told the link is not broken. 18 points will be removed from that link’s power, although I will not tell the attacking team how close they got to breaking the link.The attacker must be the one to send the move.

A player is out of the game when the links on both sides of him are broken. Of course, a person at the end only has one link protecting him.

The first team to break all the other team’s links has won the challenge. Your moves will be due every four hours with the same “reprieve hours” in play. I will be lenient if your day is crazy; however, I need this in place to avoid players who just aren’t around and if I NEED a move to keep things going, I’ll email the team.

One team will take the first move, and the next will take moves two and three. From then on, it’s always two moves at a time.

We need two sitter-outers: random.org says it will be Radical Cabbage and Unlimited Breadsticks.

I’m at work and can’t build the spreadsheet for tracking this yet, but I think you should kind of know how to visualize it regardless. As always, ask specific questions if you have them.

Have initial placements by Monday night at 7pm Central and we’ll start moving. Why earlier? ‘Cause then we can possibly do a bunch of moves that night. This game only takes about a total of 24 turns even with 11 on each side, so this shouldn’t be longer than that.

Cheers, Survivors.