It’s been a pretty weird couple of days, Survivors. An unlikely “falling rocks” elimination and a weird set of circumstances to finish the last challenge have got me pretty excited. But there’s nothing better than elimination day, so let’s get after it.

Vote One: Horny O’Friendship.

Vote Two: Farthington von Landingham III. “no hard feelings, just need to send a vote.”

Vote Three: Horny O’Friendship.

Vote Four: Horny O’Friendship.

Vote Five: Horny O’Friendship. “>>> bob.clean(‘Horny O’Friendship’)”

Vote Six: Horny O’Friendship. “I have to vote for horny [guns and stuff]. Ugh”

Vote Seven: Horny O’Friendship.

Vote Eight: Horny O’Friendship. “Oh, Horny. We’ve never really gotten past the incident with Horatio’s goats. And frankly, you’re just too . . . distracted.”

Vote Nine: Horny O’Friendship. ”I am voting for Horny. I don’t like that word. I prefer hard.”

Eighth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVI: Eric “Horny O’Friendship” Peterson

Getting eliminated eighth may not sound like much, but he was eliminated during first Tribal in his only other game (partially voted out by me…ahem) so this is a start. From what I hear, this ended up being a very difficult week for Eric and all I can say is that I hope things clear up for him soon.

The next challenge is called Shoving Match. I had thought I was going to run a traditional game I adore but have somehow never run – The Couch Game – here, but there are a few variants and I’m worried that one team can just totally control it, so I’m going to hold off until the next challenge.

Meanwhile, I’m going to be running a challenge that is extremely easy to follow and tabulate, ‘cause after the zombie business, I think we can all use that (particularly the person who didn’t notice the extra tabs on the results page until the fourth day). Yes, there will be a spreadsheet on my end to keep track of things, but this is not a “spreadsheet challenge” and I won’t need to link you to one.

Both teams will randomly send a person up for a shoving match, and the person who shoves harder will be the winner. Their part in this challenge is completely fulfilled at this point, though as always, you can always talk to your team about strategy (though a silent variant of this might be a fun kind of stress). After all eight have gone on both sides, the team that wins more matches will be immune. There’s a possibility, if you’re near the bottom of the list, that you’ll never have to submit anything. You won’t ever see the list, though – you’ll only see matches as they come – so you should stay engaged throughout.

I should probably tell you how the shoving matches work, right? Each team has a cache of 1000 energy points. You spend points (full integers only; no fractions or decimals) to try to win matches. When the combatants in the first match have submitted, I’ll announce which person won, although I won’t let you know how many points were used. Whether you win or lose, the energy points you spent from the team’s cache are lost.

Each time a pair comes up for a match, they will have 24 hours to get their match done. My sincere hope is that it doesn’t take nearly that long, because surely, a challenge like this one doesn’t need to take eight days to complete. But if it does, meh, what the hell. We’ve been spoiled with two eliminations in two days anyway.

If two people expend the same amount of points, there will be a draw without a second push.

If at the end of the eight matches the teams are tied, the team with more remaining points in their cache will be victorious. If this still results in a draw, well…I have no intention of eliminating two people, but let me think on this. I might do it anyway. Hopefully, it won’t come up.

Changes are allowed as long as your opponent hasn’t submitted. Still, since there are only two of you, you should probably be sure before you send.

The first combatants are Jerky Smuggler and Millicent Gloom. You have 24 hours. An ongoing results post will go up as soon as they’ve both sent in their numbers, and it’ll show the next combatants as well as their due time.

Cheers, Survivors.