So how do things look in a post-merge world? That was a pretty quick challenge, so hopefully you’ve had enough time to gain some sort of footing and not get eliminated. But one of you didn’t, so let’s find out who.

If any of you has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

The camera lingers on those holding idols, if any. They fidget absently and it’s framed as if they’re going to get up, but nobody does. Sneaky editors.

Vote One: Brock Hardcastle.

Vote Two: Brock Hardcastle.

Vote Three: Brock Hardcastle.

Vote Four: Brock Hardcastle.

Vote Five: Brock Hardcastle.

Vote Six: Cleansed Robotics.

Vote Seven: Crusty Knuckles.

Vote Eight: Cleansed Robotics. “>>> bob.clean(‘Cleansed Robotics’)”

Vote Nine: Cleansed Robotics. “Hooray! The humans win!…unless this vote is futile, in which case I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.”

Vote Ten: Cleansed Robotics. “this guy is more annoying than windows 8, time for an upgrade.”

Vote Eleven: Brock Hardcastle. “>>> for robot in legion:
>>> robot.cleanse(‘Brock Hardcastle’)”

Vote Twelve: Brock Hardcastle. “Brock Hardwhatever. There’s a reason you’re retired.”

Thirteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVI: Colin “Brock Hardcastle” Wolfson

Do you hear that? No? That’s because it’s the sound of silence. We’ve never had someone in Survivor who talked as relentlessly as Colin. Not me, not Rusty, not Geoff, not anyone. And I don’t think it’s particularly close. This is proof that you can talk yourself into the grave. This game does something weird to Colin, it seems.

Okay, now for a challenge about high-speed racing and evading the police. It’s a really easy one to understand, but I’m not sure yet how tough it will be to play with eleven people. Let’s find out together, gang!

So for this one, on each turn, you send me a distance to travel from 0-100 miles (whole integers only). There will be four moves, and at the end of the four, the three people in the lead will be immune.

So why not just go 100 miles every time? Because after each round, the person currently in the lead will be caught and arrested by the police and will be removed from the challenge. After the first round, the miles you send will be added to your current total.

Additionally, if you fall at least 100 miles off the lead (“the lead” being the number of miles the captured person has traveled), you will also be removed because you’re too far behind. Either way, there will be four rounds, and the intended number of immunities is three, though technically it could be zero if one person is captured and everyone else is 100 miles behind or more.

Assuming this doesn’t happen, then after four rounds, the three leaders (of a possible seven racers) will be immune.

Note that if there’s a tie for the lead, all people in the tie will be caught and eliminated. This will not lessen the number of days of the race. The only thing that will is if we have run out of players. Even if there are only three people left heading into day four, there will be a fourth day where the leader is eliminated afterward (it should be fairly obvious how to play that, if you’re still around at that point).

Are we all good? If it’s anything like the other challenges, someone will email me with about six questions half an hour before the deadline that are all answered in this post. Well, whatever.

The first move is due Sunday night at 9pm Central. Cheers, Survivors.