Okay, Survivors. Does it feel like a while since the last elimination? It does for me. Let’s give you another one.

Vote One (three votes): Jerky Smuggler (his own). “I’ll miss you Jerky, you were a decent alias. Sorry I went on a run without my phone and forgot to send your move in.”

Vote Two: Farthington von Landingham III.

Vote Three: Jerky Smuggler.

Vote Four: Farthington von Landingham III. “Something real to cry to your mommy about. I hope to see you as the first MLer gone.”

Vote Five: Jerky Smuggler.

Vote Six: Jerky Smuggler. “I don’t want any part of whatever kind of jerky it is that needs to be smuggled.”

Vote Seven: Jerky Smuggler.

Vote Eight: Jerky Smuggler.

Vote Nine: Jerky Smuggler. “>>> bob.clean(‘Jerky Smuggler’)”

Vote Ten: Jerky Smuggler. “Let’s set the Smuggler free to devote more time to smuggling jerky. Because, you know, JERKY!”

Fifteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVI: Jerky “A Pocketful of Goodness” Smuggler

I wasn’t married to that winner nickname, but he’s not winning, so no matter. Jerky now joins the jury room and must keep comments there confidential from those in the game.

So, you’ve made it to single digits. How does it feel? Things will get wild soon, surely, but when?

To celebrate a new season of Play with the Prose (or maybe it’s just a coincidence of timing), the next challenge is called The Medal System and it’s likely to cause more headaches and mistrust. Yay!

In this one, you have five medals to give out to anyone besides yourself. The caveats are that you must send out at least three medal types, and you must send them to at least three different players. You will not be announcing what you’re doing officially to anyone but me, so feel free to get dirty in there (again).

The medal types are as such:

Bronze (worth 1 point)

Silver (worth 3 points)

Gold (worth 5)

Platinum (worth 7)

Rhodium (worth 10)

So you give them out, and the results are like so:

If you have an odd number of any of the precious metals, you get the points associated with it. Even if you get three Rhodiums rather than one, you just get ten points.

If you have an even number of a metal, you get nothing for that metal. Hence, the highest score possible is 26.

The two highest scores will win immunity. If there are ties, they will be broken by overall number of metals received. If I have to go further than that, I’ll go to Rhodiums received, then Platinums, and so on.

This is a single-submission challenge due Friday night at 9pm Central. I could give you more time, but I honestly think the game would be more of a tangled, confusing web if I did so (I mean, the game’s not complicated, but playing it will be).

Alright, kids, go forth and wonder how much it bothered me that I had to call this “The Medal System” but it contains “precious metals” so it looks like I’m making grammatical errors when I’m not.

Cheers, Survivors.