I know what you’re thinking: “Kelly, why aren’t there more challenges based on words that you’ve taken from Shakespeare’s plays?” Alright, gang, I bring you vouchsafe.

This could be telling, or it could be tedious. Actually, there’s a good chance it’ll be both! It’s not complicated, though, which is cool (don’t worry: there are some complicated ones on the horizon). One lucky bastard – we’ll call her Spacegirl Lucinda Wright because that’s what random.org chose – will be automatically “vouched” for the first round. She’ll choose someone to vouch for and then that person will vouch for another until one is left over. The one left over will be removed from all possibility of immunity, but will choose the first vouched person in the second round. Rounds will continue until there’s just one immunity winner, which means the person eliminated in the penultimate round will effectively choose which of the two remaining people is immune.

I’m giving a deadline of four hours when it’s your turn and hoping it won’t take that long. I’d feel a little gross giving nonsubs for this, so if four hours go by I’m likely to wait for a good reason you haven’t responded. If you don’t have one, well, you’re a nonsub and we’ll get moving with the next round, with a random person vouched.

Track progress on this spreadsheet. If you’re highlighted in green, it’s your turn. I’ll be emailing you when you’re up (I can email real addresses too, if anyone wants that). There are 27 moves total by the end, so keep the game moving when you’re up, and don’t be a dick about it when you’re out but still required to make the first vouch of the next round.

Okay, Spacegirl, up and away. Cheers, Survivors.