Ooooookay, here we go. I’ve done the Shamrock Drop before, but never like this.

Hey, here’s a spreadsheet.

On the board, half the spots are shamrocks. They’re kelly green, so what else could they be? You want those. They’re lucky, and such.

You have the ability to step into ten different spaces and will do so in two turns of five each. That is, you’ll send me the coordinates to five white spaces on the first night (Wednesday, by 9pm Central). On Thursday you’ll do the exact same thing.


If you are the only one next to a shamrock, it’s yours. If two people are next to a shamrock (but not sharing a space), they split it and get half a shamrock. If a space is shared, it’s void and neither can gain points with that, um, game piece or whatever. If three or more players are touching a shamrock, it is left unclaimed completely.

On the second turn, you can even sacrifice pieces to step on spaces that were previously claimed. As such, I won’t really bother with the score until after it’s over – I’ll merely update the spreadsheet showing where everyone is standing.

This will be an ultra-bitch to score, more than likely, and as such I’ll probably ask for a second set of eyes from, say, an anonymous Thumbtack that has already been eliminated. The good news is that it shouldn’t be too tough on your end though, right???

On Thursday a single immunity will be granted. If there’s a tie, we will add extra days – involving everyone – until there’s no tie at the top.

Cheers, Survivors.