The challenge will go up tonight, I hope. Nearly all of the ones still to come require some thought and I can’t decide which frigging one to run next, let alone how to run it. But it’ll be soon.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Nothing. Not a damn thing. Really? With just eight people left?

Vote One: Unlimited Breadsticks. “It was fun while it lasted.”

Vote Two: Radical Cabbage.

Vote Three: Radical Cabbage.

Vote Four: Radical Cabbage.

Vote Five: Radical Cabbage. “>>> bob.clean(‘Radical Cabbage’)
>>> bob.swifty()
‘Time to make some kraut,’ Tom said sourly.”

Vote Six: Radical Cabbage. “Let the vegetable puns commence!”

Vote Seven: Radical Cabbage. “I’ll miss orbiting your patch to interface with the local vegetation.”

Vote Eight: Radical Cabbage. “So many cabbage jokes, it’s hard to pick just one. I’m going with kimchi. You soured on us, Cabbage.”

Seventeenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVI: Radical “Terminal Bud” Cabbage

RadCabb, I’ll get you into the jury room shortly. Everyone else, let’s hope inspiration strikes.