So here’s the deal, kids. I wasn’t going to run another challenge I’d run before, but I had this challenge called “The Great Muffin Bake-Off” and I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to put it together before realizing it would’ve worked way better if I’d run it with about ten people left (which is indeed what I was going to do, but I bumped it for some reason). Because I don’t want to waste another day thinking of how to fix it, and because I want the last three challenges to sit where they are, you get this one.

In Highest Bidder, you have $1000 to spend. You’ll be bidding on points packages. These, in fact:

1 point
4 points
7 points
10 points
13 points
16 points
19 points
22 points
25 points
28 points
31 points
34 points
37 points
45 points
60 points

Eh, that’ll be enough. So you’ll place an amount on each item (it’s okay to bid nothing, and you put it in the form of dollars and cents, so you don’t have to do exact integers here).

To get the points, you have to be the highest bidder on the item. If you tie with anyone, you’ll split it evenly into fractions. The person with the most points will be immune. Easy to understand, somewhat tough to navigate, eh?

Send me a single submission with your bids by Tuesday at 9pm Central. That might end up feeling like too much time, but we’re going to be taking it easy as we pass Thanksgiving, so we’ll finish Tuesday and vote on Wednesday night. I could be persuaded into making it Monday/Tuesday if a bunch of you will already be busy on Wednesday night.

Cheers, Survivors.