This was supposed to be the final challenge, so now I’ve got to think of something cool for the final challenge. That’s some pressure, but still, I think this works best with a couple more people.

There’s your empty spreadsheet (although there are examples under extra tabs).

This is one of those challenges where I came up with the backdrop first, and then had to figure out what the hell to do with it. I figured, hey, the eyes of the Easter Island statues might have mystic powers, right? Why not? So there’s your main concept: anything that can be seen by the eyes of your Easter Island statues belongs to you. You’ll place your statue on any spot on the board, and you’ll let me know which way it’s looking. So, a turn might be “A20; up right” and your statue would see all the spaces diagonally up to T1. A statue can look in the eight different directions around it.

However, another statue can block you – on the same turn or subsequent ones, if it’s in your line of sight. If there’s a statue placed at B19, all the A20 statue will see is the statue at B19, and it will no longer get credit for all the spaces it would otherwise see.

But beware: if two statues can see you, your statue is obliterated and wiped from the board, and the statue at A20 can see once again.

If two beams cross, then the spot where they cross will not count toward either total but both beams will continue after the cross.

One last strategy you can employ: if two statues are looking at one another, then no beam can cross through the double-strength beam they create. Statues creating a double-strength beam don’t gather any points for the players involved, but they are unbreakable, so no beams will ever cross the path they create.

If a statue breaks yours and is then broken itself, your statue does not come back. It’s still gone.

I’m fairly sure this is covered, but I can safely assume that there will be questions on this one, both before we begin and as we go. Please ask these before the offending situations come up, if you know they’re going to.

There will be three moves, each updated all at once at 9pm Central on the due date (unless I get them early, as always). The first due date will be Friday, then Sunday, and finally Monday. If you guys want to get one in tonight, hey, that’s even better.

There are a lot of different ways I could run this. Remind me to play with others sometime.

The person with the most points (that is, squares seen by his or her statues) at the end of three rounds will win immunity. If there’s a tie, there will be extra turns, as needed, taken only by those within the tie until a single immunity is granted.

Alright, Survivors – it’s your third to last challenge, so maybe you’ll want to work on strategy more than you did last time, eh? Though if not, at least I’ll have something to facepalm about. Cheers, Survivors.