Here: one last spreadsheet for the season.

I don’t have time to explain the challenge right now, as I just took my mom to the airport, and who knew that 7-9am was going to be rush hour in Phoenix?! Anyway, I’m off to work in a few, but this challenge will really work best if we can get all of you to play live tonight in what shouldn’t take too long. So, all three of you, let me know what time you’re available tonight and hopefully we can get a spectator challenge up in this bitch. If that can’t happen, well, we’ll play much more slowly over the course of five days.

I’ll update this post with the rules when I can, which will be soon if work isn’t busy, and not soon if it is. Either way, if you all say you can do this tonight, we’ll shoot for that.

Cheers, Survivors.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey, I have a little time here.

So, the five black spots there were chosen randomly. Perhaps obviously, there will be five turns, with each starting from the corresponding number.

On turn one, you’ll tell me which direction you want to go from C13. Only up, down, left and right are available (on all turns). You’ll get as many boxes as there are between C13 and the nearest wall, colored in with your primary color. However, if two of you go this way, it will be colored with the secondary color you share, and you’ll each get half the points as there are squares, if that isn’t worded too shittily. If all three of you go the same way, I’ll make the line brown, and nobody will get points because it’s pointless to tabulate when you all get the same thing.

On the second turn, we’ll do the same thing from K16. However, you will be stopped by a line from another direction unless it’s the same color as the new line. That is, if Spacegirl and Gloom both go right on turn one, then only the pairing of Spacegirl and Gloom can break through that horizontal line on turn two. If it’s, say, only Spacegirl, she’ll get the two blocks at K15 and K14 but will be stopped there.

Turns three through five run the same way, so think ahead, my children.

I would much rather run this in a single hour or so, and have gotten word from Gloom on availability (at about 10pm Central tonight) so if this works for all, then hey, we’re aces. Let me know ASAP, Robotics and Spacegirl, and for the love of Gawd, since this is the final challenge, ask questions before you get screwed by something you didn’t understand.

Well done getting here, all of you. Your roads were different but I am legitimately impressed by all three of you, which is a rarity in the final challenge. Cheers.