Both: What pivotal move did you make that brought you to the final two? Next, name the most pivotal event in the game for you.

Both: Describe your strategy and how it developed during the course of the game?

Both: Which challenge was the most important for you and why?

Gloom: Many of us on the jury can claim final two with you. When did you decide on Spacegirl?

Spacegirl: Convince us you were Gloom’s partner, not her pawn?

Spacegirl: You were fairly outspoken in your voting. Was this strategy or emotion? Do you regret any of the stuff you said, now that some of those people are jury members?

Both: If you could be any tree, which would you choose and why?


Have answers to me, as well as the final plea, by Sunday night at 8pm Central. Realistically I’ll extend if we need to, but hey, let’s not need to.

Cheers, Survivors.