When else at CdL can we play a game where everyone ends up hating each other?! Okay, we do that a lot, but this one’s always good for stress. We’re going to play this one very shortly after the finish to Survivor XVI and before Big Brother 2 (signup will also go up tonight).

This will be a vanilla game, because I expect some first-timers and because we haven’t played in ages. I’ll be running it, and given my work schedule this time of year I may not be around much until the deadlines come up; as such I’ll need players to keep track of voting and for someone to email me directly when we have a majority.

Here’s how it works (if you’ve played, there will be no new information here and you can just sign up).

You will all be villagers, officially, but some (actual number is based on number of players) will be werewolves who hide in plain sight. One will also be a seer that will be allowed to learn a person’s role before each day.

During the first day, the seer (whom nobody will know except him or herself) will already know the role of one person and the wolves will know the roles of one another, but otherwise, nobody will know who anyone is. You will all be able to talk at a certain hour (9 or 10am Central) when the post goes up. You can at any time vote to lynch someone, and these votes can be changed (when you do this, post their name in boldface, saying Vote Novak or whatever). Once a majority is reached, that person will be the kill and I’ll reveal their role. Hopefully, if you’re a villager, you’ll catch a wolf (you won’t…on day one, at least). Then everyone has to shut up and the werewolves have 60-90 minutes to convene and kill someone during the night. On the next day, we’ll start again with those two people gone. Eliminated players may not talk on the post, and talking outside the post is strictly forbidden.

The object is to get rid of all the wolves (or the villagers, if you’re a wolf; you accomplish this by getting to equal numbers or better). You win not by surviving but by being on the winning team, so don’t protect yourself at the expense of the side. A lot of villagers have screwed things up for their side this way.

Sign up here or via email and I’ll list players here. Now to work on the Big Brother post.

The Dread Pirate