(Note from Kelly: I’m sticking this to the front page. Look down for everything else. Alright, over to DK) Survivor XVI is almost concluded, and that means after a brief Werewolf interlude, it’s time to start Big Brother 2. My name is DK, and like last time around, I’ll be hosting and running this game. For those of you who played BB1, or who are familiar with the show, you’re already aware of the basic mechanics of the game. For those who are new, I’ll give a brief rundown of the game cycle in a moment.

But first, one major change from the first BB game is that this one will contain both strategic and writing challenges. My intent by including both is to widen the appeal to players who might be uncomfortable or uninterested in playing a game that only has one or the other. If you’re confident in your ability to compete in challenges of one type but apprehensive about your ability to compete in challenges of the other, don’t worry or let that hold you back from signing up. Variety of players is the spice of every game here, and especially Big Brother.

Big Brother generally works like this (those of you who played before, keep an eye out for the differences this time around):
-Everyone participates in a “Head of Household” competition. This season, two players will be declared the joint “Heads of Household” after each HOH competition.
-The “Heads of Household” then each nominate two people for elimination. The order of nominations between the two HOHs will be determined by a draw from the Big Brother Randomizer.
-The two pairs of nominees will then compete against each other in a “Battle of the Block” competition. The winning pair will remove themselves from nomination, overthrow the HOH who nominated them (removing that player from safety) and securing themselves safety for the rest of the elimination cycle.
-There is a “Power of Veto” competition between the remaining HOH, both remaining nominees, and three random people. The winner can veto one of the nominees, if desired, and if so, the HOH makes a replacement nomination (excluding the POV winner and/or the vetoed nominee, as well as the two BOB winners).
-Everyone besides the HOH votes to eliminate one of the two nominees. The HOH only votes in the event the other “houseguests” create a tie.
-Another HOH competition happens, with the caveat that the outgoing HOH cannot participate.
-The circle continues.
-At the end, a jury of some number of eliminated players votes for one of two finalists to select the winner.

As before, we will be playing this game anonymously. This time around we’ll be using Diplochat, in one common room representing the entirety of the Big Brother house. As always, it will never be to your advantage to reveal your true identity to other players. Since we’re including writing games this time around, I will be setting up or using another email address to collect writing competition submissions. Once that’s ready I’ll let you know, repeatedly, in big bold letters what that email is. (Be aware that writing submissions that get sent to my main email will probably be ignored or deleted immediately since I’m going to be judging them myself.) Speaking of judges, I’d like to have a second judge for the writing, so if anyone who has judged at the CdL before doesn’t want to play but would be willing to judge, let me know. Otherwise I’ll go hunt somebody down for it.

My main email is dan dot kautz at gmail. If you want to play, email me and claim a pseudonym. List your top five, in case someone gets there before you do. This list will be updated sporadically, but not constantly (particularly not while I’m sleeping during the day). Once I contact you to confirm your pseudonym, go ahead and create an alternate email address for that name for use in this game to communicate with me (and let me know what that email address is, of course).
Benjamin Bradfred Balfington Buffalopotamus
Orangutan Dreams
Alfredo Ricci
Create-a-Houseguest #6
Horseradish Threat
Dick Swagen
Funky Cold Mecca
Funyuns Unite
Lenny Softbatch
Dickus Minimus
Morgan the Tonedeaf 
Isaac Daubernon
Julian Bettsthorne
Beefy Dongle
Hardwood Anderson
Crash Gluteus
Earl “Kernel Knowledge” Tassel
Rip-Roarin’ Mildred
Buster Nipplechaps
Leonard Jowchet
Gruesome Blaggetty Kap
Eamonn McCord (the goat from Survivor XVI)
Lowetha Gruffelford
Bathhouse Dynamo
I’m hoping for around 16 players this time. I don’t want to push too much more than that, since three comps per elimination will get long enough. But, if we have massive interest, we can certainly reevaluate. Don’t let that hold you back from declaring your intent to play either. I’m shooting for starting the beginning of the week after Christmas the week after New Year’s, or after the Werewolf game finishes, whichever comes last…okay, the Werewolf game probably won’t last that long, so we’ll plan on starting Monday the 5th. Okay, future Houseguests. Get excited, and remember to expect the unexpected!