Suddenly, Wolves!

I have no real flavor text for the morning, but will decide what to do when people start dying. Someone keep track of votes as we go and please email me if a majority is reached; I’ll be at work for much of the day.

These people are playing:

bhiggum (Bret Highum)
daneekasghost (Brooks Maki)
The Dread Pirate (Will Young)
gingefringe97 (Greg Stipp)
Grey (Colin Woolston)
inkarnit (Colin Wolfson)
joepunman (Joe Rakstad)
kg2005 (Erik Dikken)
mbnovak (Matt Novak)
meat (Joseph Shores)
nettiebarron (Annette Barron)
TDO (Gary Schulz)
todahshy (Michael Rivet)
uberminz (Matthew Gilman.)
yickit (Eric S…pp)

Have fun in there, gang. And be present, damn you.