After an impromptu funeral where they buried their fallen friend mbnovak in a shoe box, the freaks decided to get some rest, leaving the citizens of Assbutttown to wander the midway and accuse each other of being evil. inkarnit was fully loaded now, and catcalling the women and more androgynous men (beer goggles, and all that) who passed by. Colin and joepunman played the game where you use the water gun to race a car across the wall, which punman won when Colin elected to douse him with water instead because he likes to be a dick. yickit stood around in a leather jacket, telling people he disagreed with things. TDO, a carney barker, entreated poor dopes to try to do that impossible game where you knock down three hella heavy milk jugs.

nettiebear decided to try her hand at the game, and reached down into the bucket for the balls. Instead, she pulled out todahshy’s head and screamed.

“FOUR people dead? This might start to hurt my business soon,” TDO sighed.

uberminz Villager, Day 1, burned at the stake by anti-intellectuals
daneekasghost Villager, Night 1, couldn’t convince the wolves he was a wolf
mbnovak Villager, Day 2, body stuffed in a clown shoe
todahshy Villager, Night 2, ready to take out some milk jugs
Dread Pirate

NIGHT falls at 9pm Central again. Not many people talked about the weekend, so maybe let’s do it now. A couple people intimated that suspending until Monday was the way to go; this could work but note that if we do this, we could feasibly have a final three-person day on December 24th. Then again, final days are typically extremely quick, so this might actually work. Also, later days usually speed up thanks to…various wolf moves that I won’t bore you with.

Anyway, start talking. Today was too quiet, what with only 358 comments or whatever.