At the Assbutttown County Fair, everyone was starting to wonder how so many murders could go unsolved in a single night’s time in a controlled environment. Sequestering people was considered and then dropped because if they did, hey, the game would be over.

Around the fair, Sheriff Meat answered questions from the media. TDO continued stealing money from the rubes. spookymilk wondered whether any wolves would be caught, and how he’d probably come up blank on a payoff in the case of a disheartening sweep.

bhiggum, who hasn’t been mentioned to this point, was killed. He was reportedly very pleased to be night-killed rather than day-killed, so there’s that.

uberminz Villager, Day 1, burned at the stake by anti-intellectuals
daneekasghost Villager, Night 1, couldn’t convince the wolves he was a wolf
mbnovak Villager, Day 2, body stuffed in a clown shoe
todahshy Villager, Night 2, ready to take out some milk jugs
nettiebarron Seer, Day 3, damn phone wouldn’t work in time
bhiggum Villager, Night 3, Milkman doesn’t have an interesting death planned
Dread Pirate

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