Man wouldn’t this be a confusing post for someone who lands here accidentally?

Couplet wanted a final word on the two finalists, so here it is.

Spacegirl freaked us all out at the start.
Her spats with Brock nearly tore us apart.
It was hard to tell if she shared the team’s goals.
And she’d LOL. Oh god the LOLs. THE LOLS!
She seemed awfully cuddley with Smuggler, too.
Though we all understand now (*wink* We do).
So it was a supririse to us all, you’d agree,
When she made it post merge – then Top 3.
She went from Spacey to Spacegirl the Great.
We had to tone down the in-game space hate.
She pummeled through our mighty competition.
Even better, she didn’t skip a submission (SHRUB, I’m looking at you!).
Bodies fell in droves — partially due to her.
And as an alliance, she suddenly had allure.
Yeah, she probably should’ve kicked out Heir Gloom
Because N-O-V-A-K spells DOOM.
She’s a newbie, though, so we can forgive her.
She’s a newbie…so we should actually be admirers.
So hats off to you, our somewhat emotionally unstable friend.
If you couldn’t win, at least you made it to the sweet, bitter end!

*clears throat for Stanza 2*

I know very little about the enigma Heir Gloomy.
Though I know you struggle with gender identity.
That’s alright. We live in a brave new world!
Be a boy, or be a damn fine girl.
When I got voted out (which I didn’t earn!),
There was one thing hilarious I learned:
You are me, and oh shit, I am you!
Just for being Novak-y, I was marked for doom!
Yes, the irony of our supposed likeness is clear,
But there’s something more important you should hear:
No matter your paranoia, long-windedness, attorney-like verocity, tendency to make really, really, really long games that destroy us all internally and cause significant bouts of PTSD — oh, and the fact that you’re always a wolf even when you’re named after mutton — and of course your famous elven looks…
You’re now in the Annals of Glory with the indominitable Brooks!