The challenge after the penultimate challenge.  That must mean this is even more ultimate than penultimate, if that is even possible.

Interrobang Playoff Picture:

Sarah W. is in and has clinched a first round bye.
Gilman.  41
Sama  35
Brian 34
Melissa 32
Annette 32

There’s pretty stiff competition for the other two playoff spots.  Gilman. needs only 2 medal points to be sure he gets in, but it’s going to be tough for enough people to catch him.  Sama, Brian, Melissa, and Annette are all really close, so they should all try to win as many medals as possible.

Ampersand Playoff Picture:

Bret 51
Ian  49
Beau 49
Pete 47

A bit more congested at the top, but with fewer people in playoff contention.  It’s all going to come down to this last challenge.  Which is…


“A lily is sprouting from my head.
First I love it, then I want it dead.”

Word limit: 410 words.
Due Date: Friday, January 2 at 8 PM Central.
Judging: Pepper and DG are judging Interrobang. Kelly and DK are judging Ampersand.