Here’s how we’re going to do playoffs.  The four prosers who were not top in their conference (Bret, Brian, Gilman. Pete) will receive a challenge (see below) and submit a story.  All four judges will judge all four stories and the best two scores (as determined by medal points) will move on.

The second round will be the same except it will be Sarah, Beau, and the two winners of round 1.  Four stories, four judges, two writers moving on to the championship.

NOTE:  During the season, several stories which were slightly over the word count were allowed to remain in contention for medals.  The judges have decided that in the playoffs this will not happen.  The word limit is a hard cap, and any story that goes over will be disqualified.

I have to tell you.  The temptation to quote some Van Halen lyrics the challenge after Dean is eliminated is pretty strong.  Instead let’s do this.


“… Once a year
he eats a spoonful of dirt
from his father’s grave.”

Word limit: 432 words.
Due Date: Tuesday, January 6 at 8 PM Central. (trying to interfere as little as possible with big brother/werewolf/whatever else)
Judging: Everybody judges everything.

Final Standings.