BREAKDOWN: 10 Villagers, 3 Wolves, 1 Rogue.

Donna: the seer. Donna is very nosy and tends to know what everyone’s up to.

Leslie Knope: the angel. For those who haven’t played a game with an angel, the angel will choose a target to protect at night, and if the wolves protect that target, the target lives. The angel cannot protect the same person twice. Leslie is selfless and is unwilling to protect herself.

April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer: Two villagers that will know the identity of one another. They can talk about the game offsite, but only at night, and only as long as both are still alive.

Jerry: the fake seer. Jerry and Donna will only be told that they are the seer. Jerry will get information based on random draw equal to the roles left in the game and will only learn of his idiocy if a death proves him wrong.

A couple of other villagers will be referred to as Ben, Tom, Chris and Ann upon death, probably.


Joan Callamezzo: Wolf. Reverse seer. She will learn whether a player has a special role every night she’s alive.

Jessica Wicks (from Sweetums): No special power, but when she dies, she must make a rambling post promoting an unhealthy lifestyle while spinning it as a positive.

Councilman Jamm: No special power, but when Jamm is lynched, he must make a rambling post outlining how this was really a win for him and it changes nothing. Hopefully, this person will be a fan of the show because Jamm has a pretty specific voice.


Ron Swanson. Ron is essentially good, though he’s also kind of an ass. His sole winning condition is this: he has to announce himself as Ron and make a vote that overrides all other votes. His vote must not currently be the popular vote. And it MUST result in a wolf lynching for him to win.

Whether Ron wins or loses, upon his override vote, he leaves the game for good, figuring his part in the story to be over. If he dies before ever getting to do this, then of course, he loses.

I’ll send out roles soon.