Good morning, Houseguests! Welcome to Big Brother. With a few late signups, and one late dropout, we have a roster of 15 players entering the house to compete for the title of Last Player Standing. Those players are:

Biff Slapcheese
Christy Bubblepumpkin
Dusty Rutabaga
Fat Mabel
Ham-Hands Brant
Hybrid Carlos
Jameson Handytrousers
Johnny “The Flipper” Johnson
Lester Sweetums
May Danderfluff
Poppin’ Fresh Gilgamesh
Princess Spatula
Prisca Sandybanks
The Sacred Pillow
Vance Fancy-Pance

By the time this is posted you should have all received from me an email containing your login and password to Diplochat. For your reference, the link to Diplochat is . I also suggest you bookmark it.

Keep in mind that ALL communication between players must take place on Diplochat. Do not send emails between each other outside the chat site. Your anonymous emails are for keeping your identity hidden from each other when I email you all at once, not for talking between yourselves. If it comes to my attention that any player is attempting or engaging in communication secretly through your emails outside the chat site, the player(s) doing so will receive one BB strike, the details of which I’ll explain further down.

By the way, there’s a few of you who haven’t made separate character emails yet, so please do so and pass it on to me when you do! It makes communicating with all of you at once much easier.

Now, let’s get to your first Head of Household competition. Houseguests, the power is up for grabs. This one’s called the Giant Mexican Standoff – it’s the version modified for Survivor XIV by Matt Novak, which I couldn’t resist because let’s face it, that guy’s a genius.

Every round you will do 2 things.
You will pick 1 person to shoot at by e-mailing me the name of that player.
You will also pick 2 people to defend against by e-mailing me the names of those players.

If you successfully defend against anyone who attacks you, you live, and you get to select one person who attacked you to punt from the challenge (yes, even someone you didn’t defend against).
If you get shot at and don’t defend against anyone who attacks you, you die and are eliminated from the challenge.
If nobody attacks you, you live (unless the person you attacked was blocked, and chooses to eliminate you).

We’re playing till we get to 2 Heads of Household, so if at any point there’s only two players left in the challenge, those will be your winners. If we get to exactly 3 or 4 players left, I’ll institute tiebreakers, starting with who had the fewest shots taken against them in the challenge, followed with total successful defenses, followed by total eliminations of either type, and then following with the standby BB Randomizer number guessing game.

Don’t worry about the tiebreakers, anyway, they may or may not get that convoluted and necessary. I’ll give you some time to talk amongst yourselves and start to figure out what you might want to do with this challenge, so you’ll have till Thursday night at 8 PM Central to submit to me your shots and defenses for Round 1.

Now, on non-submissions and other mod penalties. Last time around I invented the concept of the “BB Strike” which worked fairly well. Any nonsub for any part of the game will receive one strike. Missing a submission for a challenge, not casting a vote when required to, the HOH not meeting the deadline for nominations, will all get one strike. Two total BB strikes for a player will result in a penalty nomination during the next elimination cycle. If anyone gets to four total strikes they will be automatically eliminated from the game.

For this challenge, I’ll give everyone a freebie. If you miss a submission for this one, I’ll take you out of the running for HOH here, but you won’t get a BB strike. Future challenges will not be so lenient, so keep yourselves attentive!

Okay, I think that’s all I’ve got for you guys for now. Once we have a writing challenge (that may or may not be soon) I’ll give you guys the info for the special BB Writing submission email. Till later, good luck, Houseguests!