Here’s what happened in Round 1:

Shots Taken (By number of times shot at)

Fat Mabel -> Johnny
Princess Spatula -> Johnny
The Sacred Pillow -> Johnny
Vance Fancy-Pance -> Johnny

Biff Slapcheese -> Jameson
Hybrid Carlos -> Jameson

Ham-Hands Brant -> Pillow
Prisca Sandybanks -> Pillow

Christy Bubblepumpkin -> Prisca
Dusty Rutabaga -> May
Jameson Handytrousers -> Biff
Johnny Johnson -> Mabel
Lester Sweetums -> Dusty
May Danderfluff -> Carlos
Poppin’ Fresh Gilgamesh -> Lester

Not shot at

Defenses (Sucesses first, marked by asterisks)
Biff -> *Jameson, Pillow
Jameson -> *Biff, Lester
Johnny -> Jameson, *Mabel

Brant -> Lester, Pillow
Carlos -> Pillow, Vance
Christy -> Gilgamesh, Jameson
Dusty -> Biff, Carlos
Gilgamesh -> Johnny, May
Lester -> Biff, Jameson
Mabel -> May, Pillow
May -> Lester, Mabel
Pillow -> Jameson, Lester
Prisca -> Lester, Mabel
Spatula -> Jameson, Mabel
Vance -> Pillow, Spatula

So 3 players made successful defenses.

Elimination Form 1 – Shot at with no successful defense:

Elimination Form 2 Shot at with successful defense:
Biff was shot at by Jameson and successfully defended, so Jameson is eliminated.
Jameson was shot at by Biff and Carlos and successfully defended Biff. Carlos is already eliminated, so Biff is now eliminated.
Johnny was shot at by Mabel, Spatula, Pillow and Vance and successfully defended Mabel. Mabel and Pillow are already eliminated, so Johnny can choose one between Spatula and Vance to eliminate. Update: Johnny has eliminated Vance.

Survivors to Round 2:

Well, that’s a lot of information, so if I got something wrong that you can see, let me know. I’ll give Johnny some time to make his elimination, and I’ll update this when he does. In the meantime, for the five of you left, the next round is due Friday at 8 PM Central. The sequence of eliminations will follow as this post has laid out. Once there are only 2 players standing at any point we’ll have our first two Heads of Household.

Results, Round 2:

Shots Taken

Ham-Hands Brant -> Christy
Poppin’ Fresh Gilgamesh -> Christy
Johnny Johnson -> Christy

Christy Bubblepumpkin -> Gilgamesh
Princess Spatula -> Brant

Not shot at


Christy -> *Brant, Spatula
Gilgamesh -> *Christy, Johnny

Brant -> Gilgamesh, Johnny
Johnny -> Brant, Gilgamesh
Spatula -> Brant, Gilgamesh

So we have 2 successful defenses.

Elimination Form 1 – Shot at with no successful defense:

Elimination Form 2 – Shot at with successful defense:
Gilgamesh was shot at by Christy and successfully defended, so Christy is eliminated…BUT FIRST!
Christy was shot at by Brant, Gilgamesh, and Johnny, and successfully defended Brant. Brant is already eliminated, so Christy can choose one between Gilgamesh and Johnny to eliminate. Update: Christy has eliminated Johnny.

So your first two HOHs are:

As HOHs, it is the duty of both Gilgamesh and Spatula to nominate two houseguests each for eviction. The BB Randomizer has told me that Spatula will nominate “first”, and Gilgamesh second. What this means in effect will be that Spatula can pick any two houseguests (other than Gilgamesh) to nominate, and then Gilgamesh can pick any two other than Spatula or her nominees. (Gilgamesh can still send nominees to me before Spatula does; if one or both need to change, I will let him know.)

As this is the first nomination cycle and it’s the weekend, I’ll give you both till Sunday at 8 PM Central to send me nominations. Feel free to get them in earlier if you decide earlier, however. The BOB challenge between the two pairs of nominees will be posted once the nominations are in.