Jerry?! How did frigging Jerry last so long?

Suffice it to say that the wolves approached him and he got himself killed. I’d give you more, but when wolves are dominating and I’m using an existing property where all the lead characters are dead, it’s not quite as much fun.

yickit (Day 1, Villager (Mark Brendanawicz))
nibbish (Night 1, Angel (Leslie Knope))
kg2005 (Day 2, Villager (Chris Traeger))
daneekasghost (Night 2, neutral (Ron Swanson))
mbnovak (Day 3, Wolf (Councilman Jamm))
Zee German (Night 3, Seer (Donna Meagle))
todahshy (Day 4, Wolf (Jessica Wicks))
TDO (Night 4, Villager (Andy Dwyer))
gingefringe97 (Day 5, Villager (Tom Haverford))
inkarnit (Day 6, Villager (Jerry Gergich))

There are four of you left. I don’t know when I work today because of a schedule mishap (for reals). But if this ends and I’m not immediately around, I give DG the right to post the result and notes.

I may be here before that all happens. So we’ll see.