Hello, Houseguests. As HOHs, it is Spatula and Gilgamesh’s duty to each nominate two players for eviction. Let’s start with Spatula:

“Goodness! This was tough. I finally just decided to go with the least active members of the house. I nominate Biff and Brant.”

And now, Gilgamesh’s nominations are:

Dusty Rutabaga
Fat Mabel

“Spatula and I decided that it was too early to do anything besides nominate people that have made minimal connections. I have never heard from Mabel or Dusty, and that’s all my nominations are about today.”

So Biff and Brant will face off with Dusty and Mabel in our first Battle of the Block competition. The winners will remove themselves from nomination, ensure their safety for this rest of this eviction cycle and overthrow the HOH who nominated them.

The challenge they’ll compete in is our first writing one of the season. It’s called Damn Mutants. Your task is to write a story in which superhuman powers have been bestowed (via birth, or radioactive spider, or whatever) on someone who can’t handle them. Whether their difficulty is due to being physically or mentally unprepared is all you. You also don’t have to give us the origin story, if it doesn’t serve the narrative. The only requirement is that we see why the person can’t handle what’s potentially special about them. Your word limit is 500 words. I’ll be fairly strict about word limits this season, so keep that in mind.

The wonderful Survivor champion Christina Pepper has agreed to co-judge the writing comps this season with me. We’ll use the standard CdL Medal System (5 points for Gold, 3 for Silver, 1 for Bronze) and the pair with the highest total score will win the challenge.

Please send all writing submissions to the email bigbrother2writing@gmail.com. Put the name of the challenge (i.e. “Damn Mutants”) in your subject line. Again I’ll give some leeway on incorrect emails just in case this time around since it’s the first time. The challenge is due Wednesday night at 8 PM Central.

Till then, Houseguests.