Houseguests, look down for the first BOB results. (Unless you saw this when it went up by accident earlier, sorry about that.) Now that we’re down to one HOH and two nominees, it’s time for our first Power of Veto competition. Along with Princess Spatula, Ham-Hands Brant and Biff Slapcheese, the BB Randomizer has selected Lester Sweetums, Prisca Sandybanks and The Sacred Pillow to play for the Veto.

This challenge is called Gold Rush. I used this in the first Big Brother and I remember it being one of the better-suited ones for the POV, so I’ll bring it back again. There are 20 dig sites, and in each of your three turns, you’ll attempt to find gold. The gold is distributed to the sites like so:

1 brick of $5000
2 bricks of $4000
2 bricks of $3000
3 bricks of $2000
7 bricks of $1000

The other 5 dig sites contain bonus traps. If you are the only one to dig at a site, you get all the money there. If two or more people dig at the same site, they’ll split the money. If two or more people dig at a site that has a bonus trap, only the first person (by email timestamp) to dig there gets that trap.

So I kind of buried the lede, but there are traps you can set. Everyone starts with two, and if you find one at a bonus trap site, you’ll get another one. You can set one trap per turn, in addition to your dig. When you send in your choice to use a trap, you’ll need to specify whether you want it to be a “kill” trap or a “money” trap: if you want the player(s) who dig that site to take a hit and leave the money there, or if you want to take the money there and leave the player(s) alone.

If a trap is set at a bonus trap site, the trapsetter will get the bonus trap if they chose a “money” trap. Otherwise, the bonus trap will be left there like the money would be if the trapsetter chose a “kill” trap.

Everyone starts with two “lives”. So it’ll take two kill traps total to kill someone. If your lives run out, you’ll be out of the running for the Veto. At the end of three turns, whoever’s alive and found the most money total will win the POV. If there’s a tie in money, we’ll look at who has the most lives remaining; if that’s also a tie, we’ll do a “guess a random number” contest. If everyone left alive going into a turn dies on that turn, the winner will be whoever had the most money going into that turn.

You have to submit a dig every turn (you don’t have to, and possibly can’t, set a trap every turn). If you miss any of the dig turns, you will receive one BB strike.

After each turn I’ll post that turn’s results. I’ll tell you the results of each person’s dig, and the results of whatever traps were set, but not specify any site location numbers. Diggers will be named, but trapsetters will be anonymous. So you’ll see me say something like “Hamish dug at a site and found $5000″ or “Clarence dug at a site and found something, but it was stolen by a money trap”.

The three turns will end:

Thursday at 8 PM Central
Friday at 8 PM Central
Sunday at 8 PM Central

So I’ll give you both days of the weekend for the final turn. Everyone in the game should be ready for the first eviction vote to be due next Monday evening after the Veto decision comes in.

As always, if you have questions, let me know. Happy hunting, Houseguests.