Voting for Dusty: Vance
Voting for Jameson: Vance
Voting for Johnny: Carlos, Gilgamesh
Voting for Lester: Brant, Christy
Voting for Mabel: Jameson, Prisca
Voting for May: Carlos, Dusty
Voting for Carlos: Dusty, Pillow, Vance
Voting for Christy: Lester, Mabel, Prisca
Voting for Pillow: Brant, Christy, Gilgamesh, Mabel
Voting for Vance: Brant, Dusty, Gilgamesh, Mabel
Voting for Prisca: Christy, Jameson, Lester, Pillow
Voting for Brant: Carlos, Jameson, Lester, Pillow, Prisca

The votes for Vance and Prisca were collectively in earlier than the votes for Pillow, so Vance and Prisca along with Brant are assassinated. Johnny and May both nonsubbed and are out of the challenge, and will each receive one BB strike (for Johnny, his second, which means a penalty nomination this time around).

So there are 8 players left in contention for HOH. Everyone left voted for one of the eliminated players so you are all eligible for this vote. For Round 2 we will do 2 assassinations but I will only require you to vote for 1 player. The two highest vote getters will be knocked out. Votes are due Wednesday at 8 PM Central.


Voting for Carlos: Mabel
Voting for Gilgamesh: Dusty
Voting for Jameson: Carlos
Voting for Pillow: Gilgamesh
Voting for Dusty: Christy, Lester
Voting for Mabel: Jameson, Pillow

With two votes each, Dusty and Mabel are assassinated. The players in bold above are eligible for the next vote. For the 6 of you left, we will do 2 asssassinations, and I will again only require you to vote for 1 player. Please vote for one of Christy, Jameson, Lester, or Pillow by Thursday at 8 PM Central.


Voting for Lester: Pillow
Voting for Christy: Carlos, Jameson
Voting for Jameson: Christy, Gilgamesh, Lester

Christy and Jameson are both assassinated. The players in bold are eligible for the next vote. For the 4 of you left, we will do 1 more assassination, so please vote for one of Carlos, Gilgamesh, or Lester by Friday at 8 PM Central.


Voting for Lester: Carlos, Gilgamesh
Voting for Carlos: Lester, Pillow

Since the votes for Carlos were all in earliest, Carlos is assassinated. So the final three are:

Gilgamesh: 2 kills
Lester: 5 kills
Pillow: 4 kills

So your new Heads of Household are Lester Sweetums and The Sacred Pillow. The BB Randomizer has drawn Lester to select nominees first. I’ll give both till Friday at 8 PM Central to send me nominations. Once nominations are in I’ll put up the next Battle of the Block competition. I’ll probably not make that one’s first turn due till the end of the weekend so I can try to wrangle back the nominees to play it, should that be necessary.