Houseguests, as HOHs it is Lester and Pillow’s duty to each nominate two houseguests for eviction. Lester was drawn to go first, and has chosen Johnny (his penalty nomination) and Vance. Pillow has chosen to nominate Brant and Dusty.

Johnny and Vance will now compete against Brant and Dusty in the next Battle of the Block. The winners will remove themselves from nomination, ensure their safety for the rest of this cycle and remove the HOH who nominated them from power and safety.

They’ll be competing in a nice, quick Shoving Match. It’s pretty simple: We’ll play Best-of-3 matches. Each pair will start with 500 energy points. For each match, each pair will send me an amount of energy to use. The winner of that match will be whoever spends the most. Whether you win or lose the match, the energy you spend is gone.

So either way, we’ll know the winner after two actual matches (either one pair wins the first two, or whoever has more energy left wins the last one) so this shouldn’t take long at all. Unless you guys happen to tie on one of them, in which case you’ll just draw that round, in which case we’ll play an actual third round, in which case, if there’s still a tie in matches won at the end, the winner will be whoever has more energy left.

This game can be played by only one of the pair of each of you if necessary, if your co-nominee happens to turn up AWOL. For submission purposes, I will require each member of the pair to send me one of your matches’ energy amount. But, if your partner doesn’t show up, you can still send them all to me yourself and you will be okay (your partner, on the other hand, will receive one BB strike).

Like I said in the HOH results post, I’ll give the weekend for the first turn just in hopes that everyone involved here will get back to see this. So you’ll have until Sunday night at 8 PM Central to send me the first match’s energy amounts you want to spend. But, if you’re able to get together and decide on a plan much quicker than that, we can move the challenge along even quicker as well. Happy Shoving, Houseguests.