The BB Randomizer has selected the following Houseguests to play in the Veto along with Pillow, Brant, and Dusty:

Hybrid Carlos
Christy Bubblepumpkin
Lester Sweetums

The six of you will be writing a story for the challenge Old Job, New Job. In this story, we observe a character doing his or her current job duties (“job” can be a wide open term here) but he or she can’t seem to shake some habits from the old one. Whether that’s a positive or a negative is all you.

I’ll give you 350 words for this one. Pepper and I will judge these and whoever comes out with the highest medal score will win the PoV. If there’s a tie between our scores, whichever tied player that I gave the highest medal to will win the PoV.

These are due Wednesday night at 8 PM Central. Remember to send stories to the email. I will do my best to get results up that evening, but I’m not going to make an absolute promise, so it’s possible they will go up early Thursday morning instead. After that we will get to our next eviction vote.