First things first. Johnny Johnson, coming into the vote with three strikes, nonsubbed again here. Picking up his fourth strike, that’s an automatic elimination, so:

The second player evicted from CdL Big Brother 2 is

Aaron “Johnny ‘The Flipper’ Johnson” Felder

Aaron was another new recruit, although unlike the first one, I know who to blame for bringing me a dropout in this case. I won’t name names, but…you know who you are.

Now, to the actual eviction votes.

Vote one: Ham-Hands Brant.

Vote two: Dusty Rutabaga.

Vote three: Brant.

Vote four: “Brant of the ham hands”

Vote five: Brant.

Vote six: Brant.

Vote seven: Brant.

Vote eight: “I vote to evict Brant and his ham hands.”

Vote nine: Brant. “You seemed cool until you got stuck in the vent and we never heard from you again.”

Vote ten: Brant.

By a vote of 9 to 1, the third player evicted from CdL Big Brother 2 is

Patrick “Ham-Hands Brant” Volpe

Third eviction, third recruit, third disappearance. May or may not be also a recruit of the guy who brought us Johnny. I’ll tell you all later, I suppose.

Now, hopefully our nonsub problems will be over. We have only one player left who has any strikes, and I’m optimistic that player’s case won’t repeat itself. Let’s get to your next HOH challenge. The power is back up for grabs, Houseguests. As outgoing HOH, Pillow is not eligible to compete. The other eleven of you will be playing a game called Lights Out.

You’re trying to make it across a darkened room unseen; the end is 12 steps away. However, you can only move when the light above you is off, because if anyone sees you moving, they tackle you to death or something.

On each turn, you can move up as much as three steps. Your opponents, though, may turn on the light above you and staunch your progress. Each person has the ability throughout the challenge to turn on lights for eight seconds (that is, eight steps). If the light above you is turned on for two seconds, then on that turn, you can only move one step safely and if you attempt to step further, you are eliminated.

You can use as much or as little of your lights as possible on a turn. There’s also no max against a single person, so if you want to make it so two people can’t move safely period and one can only move one on a single turn, that’s allowable. But then you’re out of lights for the entire challenge.

You can also abstain from moving altogether, but if you abstain twice when you could have actually moved, you will be eliminated. This mechanic is to keep people from just sitting at the beginning all game long, waiting for others to pick one another off.

At the end of each turn, I’ll show you all how many potential steps were taken away from each person, but I will never announce who did what.

You should submit your moves like this example: “I’m moving two spaces, and also doing one light for (X) and two for (Y).” If you’re not moving or turning on any lights, you MUST say so.

The first two people to reach the end will be the new HOHs. I do think it’s possible – perhaps likely – that only two will be left before we actually reach the 12 step mark. If this is the case, those two will win HOH, wherever they are. If we have a bunch of people left and they all get eliminated on the same turn, then the first tiebreaker will be number of other players eliminations you caused. If there’s still a tie there, we’ll do a BB random number guessing game.

We’ll do the first turn’s deadline Friday (tomorrow) night at 8 PM Central. After that I’ll make a spreadsheet to keep track of your progress. Happy stepping, Houseguests.