Hey Houseguests, in case you don’t know, I stay up all night for work, so I can’t stay up all day most days to update things even if you get them in to me in the afternoon. If you want to try to do two moves in a day, you should probably get all your moves in to me by 8 or 9 in the morning. Just so you know.

Three players went down in our final round. Prisca Sandybanks survived and is one of our two HOHs.


Among the other three, the first tiebreaker is other player eliminations you caused. This is easy since none of them were causes of any eliminations before today. The totals are:

Gilgamesh: 0
Spatula: 1
Mabel: 2

So Fat Mabel takes the other HOH position. The BB Randomizer has selected Prisca to nominate first. If you both can send me two choices for nominations by Wednesday at 8 PM central (or earlier, of course) we’ll get to our next BOB competition.