OK, nominations are in. Prisca has nominated:

Dusty and Vance.

Mabel has nominated:

Gilgamesh and Christy. “Because.”

First, I want to announce a new contest that everyone can participate in, but doesn’t have to. It’s time for a Hide Yourself. This time, you won’t be hurt, yourself, if other people can guess your identity, but if you’ve not done well enough to hide, you might be helping them.

Everyone can send me a list of guesses of the other players’ true identities by the due date/time of the BOB challenge (see farther down this post). You can guess as many or as few players as you like. There is no penalty for wrong guesses on your part, either. However, you only get to send me one list; no corrections/changes after you send it to me, I’m only counting whatever’s on the first list you send.

If anyone gets four or more players identified correctly, the player with the most correct IDs will get another message from me after the BOB challenge is over and judged. If you don’t get a message from me then, assume you didn’t win this contest. Make sense?

Speaking of judging, here’s the BOB challenge: it’s called The Omega Man. The story is about the last person on Earth (despite the title of the challenge, it needn’t be a man). It’s fine if we learn – or if it’s suggested – that there are actually others somewhere, but this person must believe at the outset of the story that he or she is the last person alive on Earth. What did I give for the word limit last time? 500 words? Okay, Dusty, Vance, Gilgamesh, and Christy, you get 500 words again. Pepper and I will judge these, and the highest collective medal score between the pairs will win the BOB and secure their safety. Again, any ties will be broken by my medals alone first.

When is this all due? Friday night at 8 PM Central. BOB competitors, please remember to send your stories to bigbrother2writing@gmail.com and use your game emails to send them in. Good luck, Houseguests.