First time ever in CdL Big Brother (since we’ve been going on for so long, of course) that we’ve had more than one vote in both directions. This game is getting exciting, guys!

Vote One: Vance Fancy-Pants. “How can I vote for anyone other than Greg? My vote’s for him.”

Vote Two: Dusty Rutabaga. “Sorry, Dusty! Definitely nothing personal.”

Vote Three: Dusty.

Vote Four: Vance.

Vote Five: Dusty.

Vote Six: Vance.

Vote Seven: Dusty.

Vote Eight: Dusty.

Vote Nine: Dusty. “Interesting times.”

By a vote of 6 to 3, the fourth player evicted from CdL Big Brother 2 is

Yick- “Dusty Rutabaga” -it

Yickit always plays a unique game; sometimes in BB, unique games get you singled out early on. And sometimes, people get tagged as outsiders and can’t really escape that position.

With eleven players left, it’s time for a new HOH competition. As outgoing HOH, Prisca is not eligible to compete. Since Vance has two strikes and is getting an automatic penalty nomination this round, he is not eligible to be HOH either and therefore doesn’t need to play this challenge. The other nine of you will be playing Bantam Bulwyr.

This challenge is simple enough: you write the first 35 words (or less) of a novel that are so mind-numbingly awful, the reader is forced to stop. Intentionally blowing grammar and spelling doesn’t work here; we have to believe that the dreck could actually be published. Bad metaphors sometimes work, stupid inner monologues, ideas that wouldn’t sustain 300 pages or more…these are the lifeblood of this challenge.

There are many examples of good scoring submissions from this game around the site, if you need guidance. Just search for Bantam Bulwyr here or go up to the Survivor Archives at the top of the page. Here’s one excellent example, from Ian Pratt in Survivor VIII:

Like the finest Swiss watch, Special Agent Jim Crossgate’s plan called for ruthless German efficiency and extra ammo.

Remember that this time we’re not looking for complete stories; this is the opener to a novel. Pepper and I will judge these using the medal system and the two highest scorers will be the new HOHs. This time around, to switch things up, I’m gonna say if there’s any ties that need breaking, it will be Pepper’s medals alone that decide between them. If there’s still a tie there, we’ll use a BB random number guessing game.

These will be due Sunday night at 8 PM Central. Remember to send them to and use your game emails, please, to submit. Even though they’ll be short, with a larger number of submissions than we’ve had, I’m not going to promise that we’ll finish judging before the end of the night, so be prepared for results to go up early Monday morning. This should be fun to see what happens. Good luck, Houseguests.